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Dare to say No, No, and No!

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Focusing is about saying no – Steve Job – Apple Co-founder and Former Chair and CEO

If you have five key priorities at any given time, probably you have no true priorities! Think about this, if this year, you have 5 key targets that can change your life, what are they?

Then if there are 3? What are they? And the most important question now is:

If you have ONE PRIORITY for the whole year then what is it? – Chris Chuong

If you have not thought about this target: you shall double your sales income in just 10 days and then double it in another 10 months weeks and then at the end of the year, make it months and then at the end of the year, your sales income can increase 400%?

Would that be a game changer for you? The law of diminishing return applies here and as you move up fast the productivity ladder, it takes more time for you to increase your productivity and you need to be more creative in increasing your productivity!

Is this hard? Yes it is but that does not mean it is impossible? The key is to focus on ONE BIG TARGET that its achievement can really turn your life around and for most people, it is to triple or even increase your income by 10x in a few years!

When Steve Job returned to Apple, the first thing he did was to get rid of 70% of the product lines that Apple had and then in several years, just concentrated on one product at one time. Below are product milestones after Steve Jobs returned to Apple as CEO (source: and I edit to make them shorter)

● 2001 - Apple introduces the iPod, a palm-sized, hard-drive-based digital music player.

● 2005 - The iPod adds video, and Apple fills out its portable media line with the low-end iPod shuffle, and sleek iPod Nano.

● 2007 - Apple announces the iPhone. The device features one button on its smooth face and a virtual keyboard.

● 2008 - Apple releases the MacBook Air.

● 2009 - Apple releases the iPhone 3GS. The company has sold more than 220 million iPods so far.

● 2010 - Apple begins selling the iPad, a 10-inch touchscreen tablet, and has an 84 percent share of the tablet market by year’s end.

Think about this: if Apple - one of the world’s biggest groups can just concentrate on inventing one or two great products in a whole year, then you as a single person should concentrate on just one big target rather than 5 different priorities.

Let’s face it, the world out there is very competitive with lots of competitors, much noise, and by being an average sales guy does not help you much with your income.

However by applying the secrets in this book, you should make your way into the top 20% top sales guys as quickly as 10 days!

You got to focus on training yourself to become an outstanding sales star. Don’t be average, be exceptional and becoming exceptional takes much training, focus and effort.

There is a general rule that in order to master a career, whether in sales and sports, you must practice 10,000 hours in the right direction.

I am not sure whether that is an exact hour number or not but I am 100% certain that if you learn from the best trainer and game changers, you can shorten your learning by years.

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