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"​10 Secrets to Double Your Sales in 10 Days" Released on on Sunday, 07 October 2018

Powerful Sales Growth Techniques To Turn Around Your Sales Career In Just 10 Days by The Sales Expert Who Walks The Talk.

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​​"10 Secrets to Study Abroad After 4 Weeks" Released Via Amazon on Saturday, 20 October 2018

Top Secrets Revealed For The First Time, Potentially Fastening Your Departure By Months And Saving You Up to Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Study Abroad Journey.

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"0 to 55 Units in 5 Years" - Released Via, 01 February 2019

Secrets To Succeed 10x Faster

in Start-up & Property Investment!

Chris Chuong

With Rose Nhung & Brian Binh

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2020 3 ebook cover From Zero To Here by Chris Chuong.jpg

"From Zero to Hero: Study Abroad Consultant's Rules of Success" Released Via, 26 March 2020

Powerful weapons to make the impossible targets become possible in the study abroad business for study abroad consultants and advisors!

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Book cover JPEG 5 secrets to study abroad in 10 weeks.jpeg

In this book, Chris Chuong reveals this hard earned secrets to students so they can realize their study abroad dreams even when they have limited fund, limited English proficiency or a just average academic GPA. Study abroad professionals should also find much needed strategies and secrets to boost their student numbers for study abroad.

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