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Set clear and crazy targets

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

A clearly set target helps you get closer to achieving it by 25% - Chris Chuong

If you are in sales, you should have a clear target for the month, however, are you so excited to wake up every morning and rush to work to make the sales happen! If you do, then congratulations and keep going!

If you don’t, then it is highly likely that your targets are NOT crazy enough that by reaching them, you start living the dream life that you always dream about, for example, a wealthy and abundant life for you and for your loved ones in a beautiful villa with magnificent views of the sea or the mountains.

Or it could be a great education for your children, dream holidays in exotic Asia or on the white sand beaches in European Mediterranean seas, enjoying top notch Italian foods and French wines!

It is possible and it all starts with a crazy target – at least double the income for you in the next two weeks!

The target must be so clear that when you wake up, you know EXACTLY what activities must be accomplished in each hour to double your sales and income.

Specificity is power – Anthony Robbins – No. 1 World Success Coach and Trainer

Let’s come back the case study in Secret 1. If you still need to ask yourself what you need to do in each 15-minute blocks/ periods to reach your goal then it is likely that you are not clear about your activity targets.

As a sales super star, your calendar must be filled with sales producing activities leading to achieving sales targets.

I use a 10 – 4 – 1 principle per day to work out what I do in one working day.

In a typical day, I contact 10 calls/ chats with potential clients and also set up 4 sales appointments face to face (or at least via Skype, Zoom if face to face is not possible).

I also send or post one value added mass communication via email or social media so I consistently build my image as an advisor rather than just a sales man.

The email or post must help your clients in one way or another, for example, making their job easier, giving them inspiration and hope, giving them a few tips to get more productive.

You can have everything you want if you help others have what they want – Zig Ziglar – World Class Success and Sales Trainer, Author

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